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    ARYA is now looking for exceptional people to be part of this experience.
    Fill up the form and send us a 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and telling us about your skills and previous experience.
    Email: careers@aryahostels.com

    Wellness Hostels // Yoga & Fitness Instructors
    THE PROJECT :::::
    Arya Wellness Retreat is a place where we thrive to create a safe haven for travellers to stay, while they are exploring Bali. A place where our guests can find peace, focus on their own wellbeing and health. A place for everyone, and most importantly, a place to have fun, make new connections and meeting new people!
    Our target is young travellers who are looking for a few days to relax and unwind through a combination of our daily wellness and social activities: meditation, yoga, fitness classes, workshops, day trips, movie nights, cooking class, group dinners and spa treatments, as well as healthy and nutritious food.
    THE JOB :::::
    We are looking for people, who has experience in teaching yoga & meditation, fitness trainers and other types of healing arts. Also for people with very strong social skills to help taking care of environment/atmosphere of the hostel, with the guests as the main focus, and helping arranging and creating all the events.
    We have a few positions available:
    • Full time (monthly wages)
    • Casual (paid per class)
    • Collaborative (accommodation & food)
    *** all depending on skills and experience level.
    So if you would like to join our team, in the beautiful town of Ubud in Bali, even only for a short period of time, and you would like to share and trade your skills, we are interested in doing collaborations to keep our place dynamic, so please fill up the form and send us a 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and telling us why you would be perfect for this project.
    Social Media Assistant

    Are you an innovative person who specialises in photography and videography?
    Do you love to create and curate original high-quality content?
    If so, we have the perfect job for you!

    This is a full time position based in Ubud, Bali!

    Job Duties:

    * Create digital marketing and social media campaigns to maximise brand reach.

    * Implement strategies to grow and expand our brand.

    * Build brand awareness by collaborating with relevant influencers.

    * Interact with our audience.

    * Oversee and respond to all comments/ direct messages across all platforms.

    * Formulate high-quality written and visual content for each social media campaign.

    * Maintain a solid online presence.

    * Monitor the company’s brand on social media.

    * Analyse data to determine campaigns and strategies have achieved their objective.


    Required skills:

    *  Strong skills with Social Media Management

    * Marketing Experience

    * Content Creation

    * Graphic Design

    * Web Design and Strategy

    * Data Collection

    * Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

    * Attention to Detail

    * Self-Motivated

    * Photo Editing

    This is a full-time position based in Ubud, Bali.
    You will help managing our 4 brands (@aryahostels, @purigardenhotel, @ubududiancafebali and @wanderlands.travel).
    If you are interested and have what it takes, please fill up the form and send us a 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and telling us about your skills and previous experience.

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